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NFL Looking To Increase Number Of Regular Season Games, Possibly Play In Cuba

Jason Cole of B/R reports that the NFL is looking to increase the total number of regular season games, which would allow them to export more games to countries around the league and increase their overall exposure.

The NFL is also trying to figure out a way to reduce the loss of home games for domestic markets.

According to Cole, the NFL wants to break into new markets such as Mexico City, Germany, and Japan. One interesting suggestion from is adds that the league is also considering the possibility of hosting games in Havana, Cuba.

The thinking behind hosting a game in Cuba is that it would be a “historic game” and possibly bridge relationships between the two countries. Cole adds that the NFL views this as a way for them to do something significant on a sport and political level.

It’s become clear that the league is willing to rethink the number of preseason games if they can convince the NFLPA to agree to increasing the number of games in the regular season and/or the playoffs.

The easiest sell here for the players is that their total revenue would go up as they continue to work and grow the pot. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the NFLPA will go for this, seeing as there are obvious health concerns for the players when it comes to adding more games, and they would likely want some other concessions in regards to the CBA to agree to any changes.

Either way, I’m sure we’ll be hearing even more about the number of games increasing in the coming months.

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