NFL Notes: Broncos, Colts, & Packers


  • Broncos QB Peyton Manning said he’s been told that he’ll need hip replacement surgery “down the road“. (Adam Schefter)
  • Broncols DT Antonio Smith intends to play in Super Bowl 50 despite learning his father died from complications of recent heart surgery, Wednesday. (Adam Schefter)



Packers WR Randall Cobb says he was “really worried” when he was coughing up blood and couldn’t breathe in the Packers playoff game against the Cardinals.

I was really worried,” Cobb told Pro Football Talk Live Wednesday. “To be coughing up blood…I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was choking. Then I went to throw up and I was spitting up blood.

“We went and did the X-ray and I thought I was fine. I thought it was a broken rib. But unfortunately it was a punctured lung. It was scary.

Cobb added that the team believed in RB Eddie Lacy, despite his disappointing 2015 season.

“We all back Eddie. We know the player he’s capable of being. I think this offseason is going to be telling for him,” Cobb said.

Regarding the comments made by Packers HC Mike McCarthy that he wants Lacy to lose as many as 30 pounds before next season, Cobb mentioned that they still have faith in Lacy.

“Coach made a statement,” Cobb said. “I don’t think any of us lost faith in Eddie. We think he’ll come back and be ready to go.”

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