NFL Notes: 49ers, Jaguars, Saints


49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said last week that he wants their defense to be an attacking unit that plays with “extreme violence.”

That’s attacking the ball, all gas, no brakes and playing with extreme violence,” Saleh said, via “It goes back to our style. I want them to see our style on tape, and if they’re thinking about our violence on Wednesday, we feel like we’re already ahead of the game.”

Saleh explained that he believes this kind of system is actually good for any player because it allows them to utilize their ability and athleticism as opposed to being limited to their understanding of the scheme itself.

“I think this style of defense is good for any player, in that it allows them to free their mind so they can play to their God-given ability,” Saleh said. “To attack an offense, giving a player all of their athletic ability, all of their strength, whatever it is. Freeing them mentally is what this defense is built on. Being able to play as fast as possible and as physical as possible within the scheme.

“For every defensive player, to me, that mindset of taking it personal every single snap, to just have an edge to you [is important],” Saleh added. “Defense is an emotional part of the football game, and to have that mindset, is it a prerequisite? It’s not. But you always find the ones that have got that dog in them. They manage to find a way to get it done.


Jaguars RB Chris Ivory says he hasn’t paid attention to the talk of him possibly being the odd-man-out in Jacksonville now that the team used the No. 4 overall pick on LSU RB Leonard Fournette.

“One thing about it, people and everybody are going to have their opinions,’’ Ivory said John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. “Mainly, the people that know nothing about football. They don’t know the things we go through to get to this point. What we actually face before we come out for those game.

“Most of the stuff the people on the outside see are the mistakes and the bad things you do. It’s not always going to go the way you want. I think a lot of people that like to see guys get a 1,000 yards each year, but it just don’t work that way.’’


Saints HC Sean Payton mentioned that veteran RB Adrian Peterson continues to defy conventional wisdom and isn’t showing signs of a decline.

“He’d be the one guy that you would say’s already gone against conventional wisdom,” Payton said, via The Advocate. “With not only his skill set, but also his physical ability and the way he trains, I think he is excited to get back.

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