NFL Notes: Bears, Browns, Texans


Bears second-year OLB Leonard Floyd told reporters that it took him two months to fully recover from his second concussion last season, per Patrick Finley.

Floyd explained that he was in a mental “fog” until February.

“I wasn’t thinking like I would normally think,” Floyd said, per Adam Hoge. “And then I’d be staring off into space instead of paying attention.

It gradually got better, day-by-day. I was able to focus more and my mind wasn’t racing everywhere. I was able to lock in on things.”


There has been some talk about Brock Osweiler possibly opening the season as the Browns’ starting quarterback (NFLTR).

On Wednesday, Osweiler made it clear that he’s hoping that’s the case.

“I want to be the starter of this team,” Osweiler said Wednesday, per Mary Kay Cabot.

Osweiler explained that his struggles from last year can be attributed to some mechanical issues and poor decision-making.

“My fundamentals slipped last season … some poor throws, poor decision-making,” Osweiler said, per Cabot.


After missing most of the 2017 season with a back injury, Texans DE J.J. Watt said he’s feeling great and glad to be back playing football.

“I feel great,” Watt said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I’m very happy with the way it responded. Obviously, with the amount of time we took this time to make sure it responded properly, I would hope that it would respond the way it did. It feels great.

“Now, it’s a matter of going out there and having fun and enjoying it. With a major injury, it’s so easy to sometimes think about it too much and let that creep into the back of your mind. That’s what’s been so nice about the practices to let it fade, fade and fade. Playing football, it feels natural; it feels good. I feel like I’m home.”

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