NFL Notes: Bengals, Colts, Giants


  • Katherine Terrell of ESPN takes a look at whether the Bengals could be Super Bowl contenders this season and some of the things that could impact how far they could go.
  • Terrell mentions that the Bengals are clearly taking a lot of chances with the offensive line after they lost both LT Andrew Whitworth and G Kevin Zeitler in free agency.
  • Beyond that, it’s still possible that veteran CB Adam Jones could be suspended for another off-the-field incident.
  • With HC Marvin Lewis entering the final year of his contract, Terrell says that it could end up being a make-or-break season for him.


Colts owner Jim Irsay stressed that their offensive line issues from the past few years are now fixed earlier this week.

“Let me say this: The offensive line is fixed,” Irsay said, via “I’m telling you guys, the offensive line is fixed. The reason I’ll tell you it’s fixed is because [former Colts offensive-line coach] Howard Mudd told me it’s fixed. If Howard Mudd tells you it’s fixed, trust me, it’s fixed.

“We’ve worked hard to bring in the right type of players [on the offensive line],” Irsay added. “We’re ready to run the football and protect Andrew.”


  • Ian Rapoport points out that there is actually some precedent for the Giants to sign WR Odell Beckham to a contract extension, despite the fact that he has two years remaining on his contract.
    Back in 2008, the Giants signed WR Plaxico Burress to an extension, even though he had three years still remaining on his contract.
  • Although, Rapoport adds that Burress had just helped the Giants win a Super Bowl, held out, and was fined for not practicing before he got his five-year, $35 million deal.

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