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NFL Notes: Bengals, Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, Redskins, Saints


  • Bengals HC Marvin Lewis said that they have no reservations about Andy Dalton being their quarterback moving forward.

“Fortunately, somehow I’ve got the right little thing on my shoulder that says, ‘Don’t get into a quarterback controversy,’” Lewis said, via Bengals.com. “That’s worked from Jon to Carson to Andy. It’s helped us have the success we’ve had and those guys have been good players, productive players. Even when they’ve left out of here they’ve been productive. It works.

“We have no problem with Andy Dalton as our quarterback. We don’t have time to waste time with another QB. To not continue to press forward and get Andy better and to get whoever the backup quarterbacks are better.  The quarterback competition. Where has it worked? It doesn’t get you wins.


It sounds like the Cowboys are prepared to rework QB Tony Romo‘s contract this offseason to free up some additional cap space.

“We all realize that anything you push forward that if you don’t use it it’ll cost you cap space that you could use for other players,” owner Jerry Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “On an older player, the farther you put it out in the future the less likely you are to use it. That’s the point. That’s the trick.

“On the other hand, the effort is to right now put together the best value we can using those dollars and that’s the art of the deal. I will tell you when I look at Tony I certainly do see four or five more years, so nothing scares me four or five years out.



  • Jay Glazer reports that the Baltimore Ravens tipped off the Indianapolis Colts going into the AFC title game about the Patriots doctoring the air in footballs.
  • According to Glazer, teams around the league are hoping the NFL throws the book at New England for this incident.


  • Michael C. Wright of ESPN is “hearing” that Vic Fangio wanted to bring Ed Donatell with him to Washington, but the Redskins preferred to keep Raheem Morris, which led to Fangio taking the Bears job.


  • The Saints announced Wednesday night that the Saints and Pelicans franchises will pass to Gayle Benson upon Tom Benson passing away. (Pro Football Talk)

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