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NFL Notes: Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, Jets & Rams


Broncos DE Derek Wolfe mentioned that he’s optimistic he may only end up missing one game, due to a hairline fracture in his right elbow.

“This stuff happens all the time when you play in there,” Wolfe said, via Troy Renck of ABC 7. “I can’t give a specific date, but I am optimistic I can be back (for Chiefs game). It just needs some time.

Chargers & Raiders

  • According to Ian Rapoport, the most likely scenario involving the Chargers is that they will delay a decision regarding a move to Los Angeles until January of 2018, which will allow them to focus on another ballot next year.
  • Rapoport mentions another scenario for the Chargers that would involve the Raiders agreeing not to move to Los Angeles, and instead focus their efforts on Las Vegas. This would give the Chargers the ability to focus on getting their best deal from San Diego without the time constraint to decide before the Raiders can move to L.A.
  • Albert Breer writes that some around the NFL believe it’s time for Chargers ownership to generate some stadium options for themselves, much like Mark Davis has done with Las Vegas.
  • Breer lists three options for the Chargers: 1) Try to reprise the Mission Valley concept, 2) Join the Rams in Los Angeles, 3) Consider other locations such as San Antonio/Austin.


  • According to Albert Breer, the Jets “still see themselves as two drafts away from realizing the vision the GM and coach have for the team.


A team source explained to Albert Breer that one of the reasons why the Rams haven’t played No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff yet is because their running back has struggled much more than they anticipated it would.

The best friends of a young quarterback are a running game and a great tight end, and we don’t have either right now,” a team source tells Breer. “The run game’s not working, so other than him gaining experience, and it might be bad experience, how are we going to make him better? At least if we get out of this thing and he doesn’t have to play through it, the verbiage and terminology aren’t brand new, he can step in and hit the ground running.”

Breer writes that the Rams have been using a “fairly basic” run scheme that has led to some internal questions about offensive coordinator Rob Boras and whether he’s ready to handle his current responsibilities.

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