NFL Notes: Calvin Johnson, 49ers, Bears, Cowboys

Calvin Johnson

  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that if Calvin Johnson wants to become a free agent, all he has to do is show up to the Lions’ facility and notify the commissioner that he plans to end his retirement.
  • Florio points that this would immediately add $16 million to the Lions’ salary cap at a time when the team has around $8 million or so to work with.
  • This could lead to the Lions releasing Johnson and ultimately granting him the ability to become a free agent.
  • Another option for Detroit would be to attempt to negotiate a trade that would at least net them some compensation for one of the best players in franchise history.


Following his first preseason game as the 49ers head coach, Kyle Shanahan says things remain “a work in progress.”

“It is a work in progress,” Shanahan said, via “I enjoyed it. It was the same as usual — calling plays, doing everything I have done down there — but it was definitely different trying to carry the offense and then having to peek up at the score and having to watch the time and having to watch the defense. I think some series I did it better than others. Also, with so many guys subbing in and out and having to pay attention to how long we are keeping them in and things like that. It was definitely a challenge, but I enjoyed it. I am glad we have three more of them, and hopefully I will get better at it each week.

“It’s pretty hectic during all NFL games, but especially in the preseason,” Shanahan said. “I’m glad we’ve got three more of them. I thought our staff did a pretty good job communicating our first time together. I know we had 12 people on the field that first play in the third quarter for the defense, which is on coaches. That is always a challenge here in the preseason especially. I was pretty pleased with how we did in the first game.”


Bears HC John Fox admitted that he was pretty excited about rookie QB Mitch Trubisky’s preseason performance last Thursday.

“If you’re asking me if I was excited about how he played, I was,” Fox said, via “It beats the alternative. I’m sure glad he played well and not poorly. There’s a reason why we drafted him with the second pick of the draft. I think for the first time people got to see that in a Bears uniform, which I think is exciting.


Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones offered support for suspended RB Ezekiel Elliott during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan.

Obviously, we knew that this was something that could happen,” Jones said, via “We knew that the investigation was ongoing, and whenever you prepare a football team, you prepare for injury. You prepare for things that are unexpected. And certainly we have done that and are comfortable with who we are on this football team. If we have to play with other running backs, we like the running backs on this team. But at the end of the day, we certainly support Zeke. At the same time, we understand the very, very, very serious nature of domestic violence, certainly that people should be held accountable if that takes place.”

  • Adam Schefter reports that Ezekiel Elliott has until Wednesday to file an appeal of his six-game suspension, but it is likely to be submitted Tuesday.

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