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NFL Notes: Chargers, Eagles Lions & Matthew Stafford


David Garrick of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that San Diego will need a two-thirds majority vote to increase taxes to fund the stadium project, rather than just a simple majority vote.

This may not seem like all that big of a deal, but it is definitely a blow to the Chargers, as it will not only require more votes in the end, but it could also require much more time for them to impact the vote.


Eagles executive VP Howie Roseman mentioned during an interview with 94 WIP that they’ve shifted their focus to paying big money to their own players versus spending big on free agents like they did in years past.

When you look at it, some of the mistakes we’ve made have been going out and spending a lot of money,” Roseman said, via Eagles Wire. “A lot of those mistakes were on guys that aren’t our own. They were guys that we’ve brought from another organization, and we thought we knew.

“We went and looked at our plan for our roster over the next couple of years and said we will never let Fletcher Cox leave the building,” Roseman said. “We will never let Lane [Johnson] leave the building, we will never let Zach[Ertz]…if we do it now, we do it a little early and maybe save on those guys and add to the team, keep as many guys around as possible. We have this core, and we can build off of that.


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