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NFL Notes: Chargers, Panthers, Ravens


New Chargers LT Russell Okung admitted that the Broncos struggled on offense last year and he’s fine if some want to blame him for some of these issues.

However, Okung added that he likes where he is now and looks forward to seeing how things play out in the AFC West this year.

In all honesty, you have a media community that’s driven by certain relationships that want to put out false things,” Okung said, via Eric D. Williams of ESPN. “I would say as an offense, there were some struggles in Denver last year. And if you want to put that on me, that’s OK. But it is what it is, and I like where I’m at now.

“The great thing about this year is you get to be back within the [AFC West] division and do what you do against the same guys. So I guess we will know at the end of the year.


Panthers first-round RB Christian McCaffrey does think he’ll be far behind his teammates, even though he hasn’t been able to practice the past few weeks because Stanford’s school year had yet to end.

“I won’t be behind as far as the plays go in practice,” McCaffrey said, via David Newton of ESPN. “Getting acclimated and comfortable with the team, I’ll be a little bit behind. But that will come.

McCaffrey added that it’s been tough to not be around his teammates while he’s still away at school.

“It’s definitely a major factor,” McCaffrey said. “Everyone wants to be close to your team. You don’t want to have guys that don’t feel comfortable in the locker room.

“But they’ve been so welcoming to me. The times I have been there, the vets have been so great to me, reaching out to me, texting me, giving me advice. So I know I’m not there, but I definitely feel very comfortable.”


Veteran DB Lardarius Webb explained that he decided to return to the Ravens because he felt like there was unfinished business both on and off of the field.

“I felt like I wasn’t done here in Baltimore on the football field and also in the community,” Webb said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “I feel like there was a lot of guys in the locker room and in the defensive back room that needed me here to help them grow.

The Ravens brought in S Tony Jefferson this offseason, which means there won’t be a starting role for Webb this year.

“It feels like a different situation,” Webb said. “I’ve always been a starter, but bringing Tony Jefferson in is going to make our ball team a much better squad. The locker room loves him. He brings energy to our defense. We want to be the best defense in the league, so bring in all the guys you can to make us be the best defense in the league. I’ll find my spot, I’ll find my way.



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