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NFL Notes: Chargers, Raiders, Colts & Cowboys

Chargers & Raiders

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the stadium situations involving the Chargers and Raiders during Wednesday’s owner’s meeting.

It’s Dean’s option by January 15 to make the determination of whether he thinks he can make it work in San Diego or whether he thinks he can make it work in Los Angeles,” Goodell said, via Pro Football Talk. “The Raiders, of course, if they decide they can’t make it work in Oakland, that window is open when their postseason and regular season are over, until February 15.

Goodell added that there’s current no stadium proposal on the table from either San Diego or Oakland to keep their respective team.

“We have not made great progress in Oakland and San Diego,” Goodell said. “There is not a stadium proposal on the table that we think addresses the long-term issues of the clubs and the communities. So we need to continue to work at it. We feel strongly, we want to keep our teams where they are. Relocations are painful and they’re something to avoid at all costs. But we have to continue to work with those communities. We will.”


Tom Pelissero of USA Today asked Colts owner Jim Irsay if expects to make any changes at either head coach or GM next year.

“Obviously, we’re disappointed. People kind of agree or disagree, but I saw every single game and I know — besides Kansas City — year, we could be right now 10-3. That could be us if the ball bounces a little bit differently. It’s been that type of year — hasn’t gone our way. But right now, I’m not anticipating making any changes. That can always change. It always can when we’re sitting down at the end of the year and evaluate things. But I’m just looking at seeing if we can win these next three games and get some luck from the football gods right now.


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday at the owners meeting that the league has no timetable to finish its investigation into domestic violence allegations against Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott.

Well, the best way to be fair to a player is to be thorough and to take your time and get it right,” Goodell said the Star-Telegram. “So that is what we’re working on. We have professionals that are working on this. We’re not putting a timetable on them. We want to make sure that they get it right and get all the facts, and when they reach a conclusion, we’ll all know about it.

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