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NFL Notes: Colin Kaepernick, Bears, Bengals

Colin Kaepernick

  • Alex Marvez of the Sporting News writes that QB Colin Kaepernick would be better off declining an offer from the Jaguars at this point, should the team actually show interest in signing him to a contract.
  • Instead, Marvez thinks Kaepernick would be smart to consider relaunching his NFL career in 2018, unless a team is willing to offer him a multi-year deal.
  • The issue with joining a team like the Jaguars is that they could be set up for a losing a season and it would be a difficult transition for him to come in and learn a new playbook while building chemistry with receivers in a short period of time.
  • With this in mind, Marvez believes the Ravens make the most sense for Kaepernick, considering that he’s previously played for Greg Roman back in San Francisco.


Bears K Roberto Aguayo struggled with his accuracy again on Friday.

“I think our kicker had a little bit of a struggle today in some of his field goals, but it was something we knew about Roberto,” Bears HC John Fox said, via ESPN.com. “He’s got a very strong leg; he needs to work on his accuracy. That’s why we’re out here practicing.”

It’s like working with golfers, you know it doesn’t really matter how much what they do on the driving range, it matters what’s on the course,” Fox said. “They make tweaks, they have swing coaches, and you know we have kick coaches. You can get to the point where you have paralysis by analysis too. We’re going to mess with him, we don’t have a long look but you know he’s been very receptive and that’s an area we need to improve at.”


Bengals HC Marvin Lewis said Friday that S Shawn Williams has recovered well from the elbow injury he sustained last week and will not require surgery.

“Everything’s great,” Lewis said, via Katherine Terrell of ESPN. “As he said, he’s not going to let them keep a good man down. He’s in a brace and moving very well. He’s way ahead of where the doctors thought he would be.

According to Lewis, Williams is doing everything he can to be ready in time for Week 1.

“He wants to be there on opening day, so he’s doing everything he can to get himself back,” Lewis said.

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