NFL Notes: Dez Bryant, Raiders, Rams, & Titans


Dez Bryant

Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal provides an update regarding the rumored Dez Bryant video after he spoke to Wal-Mart about the existence of the surveillance tape.

Wal-Mart told me today it doesn’t have it and never did. Spoke to Wal-Mart about the much reported, over the last 2 weeks, altercation on July 11, 2011 in which the police responded to a 6 AM call saying a woman had been dragged out of a car in a Lancaster, Texas Wal- Mart parking lot. The police report, just made public last week, said the car is registered to Bryant, and he arrived shortly after the police, with the woman. The woman said a man other than Bryant had taken her out of the car and no charges ensued, according to the police report.

Last week, talk there was a videotape of the incident emerged on talk radio and and in print.

So I called Wal-Mart to see if the company had this much rumored video tape.

Wal-Mart director of national media relations, Brian Nick, said because no charges had been filed, the company would not have pulled the security footage at the time and created a videotape of the incident.
No crime had occurred, he said, so the Lancaster Police did not request the footage from the company’s security system.

And it would be too late now to do so, he added. The company’s security protocol eliminates footage after a certain period of time, he said, and that time has passed.

This doesn’t preclude the existence of a video tape, just that Wal-Mart’s official statement is no videotape is or has been in the possession of the shopping giant.


  • Jason La Canfora writes that the Rams should consider the idea of trading up for Oregan QB Marcus Mariota in this year’s draft.
  • According to La Canfora, teams drafting ahead of the Rams won’t surprised if they receive a call from St. Louis about possibly moving up in this year’s draft.


  • Bill Williamson expects the Raiders to be “players” for free agent C Rodney Hudson in free agency.
  • Williamson can see veteran C Chris Myers being a “Plan B” option for Oakland at center.


  • Jason La Canfora, citing numerous sources, reports that the sale of Titans is a “distinct possibility” in 2015.

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Look Reggie we missed out on Cobb now go build up our o-line sign rodney Hudson do what u gotta do just get it done. Forget about Chris Myers he’s 33 years old coming from a zone blocking scheme don’t even kick the tire on that old dude. Don’t let suh leave the building with out a contract over pay these guys if u have to we need impact players bad!