NFL Notes: Draft, 49ers, Broncos, Jets, & Vikings


Mike Mayock tells Peter King that NFL teams are still split on what position Washington’s Shaq Thompson will play at the next level.

I’ve talked to six or eight evaluators in the last few days about Thompson,” said Mayock. “Two like him as a running back, two as a safety, and most as a linebacker.”

  • Mayock expects Oregon DL Arik Armstead and Oklahoma DL Jordan Phillips to shine athletically.
  • According to Mayock, this isn’t a very good quarterback class.

It’s not a good quarterback class. I’m scared to death of Jameis Winston off the field, and I’m scared to death of how many interceptions he throws. He threw seven interceptions against Louisville and Florida, and could have been 12 or 13 if the other team could catch the ball. But most quarterbacks come out of the spread now, and they’re projections, like Marcus Mariota. I love so much about Mariota, but he is a projection. I’m much more comfortable projecting Winston, even with the interceptions, because he was a pocket guy at Florida State. And his ability to win games in the second half is mind-boggling.”

Mayock offered some draft comparisons as well:


  • A source tells Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee that free agent RB Frank Gore is looking for two things in free agency: 1.) Another 1,000-yard season, which would put him past 12,000 yards for his career, 2.) A chance at a Super Bowl title.


  • Peter King believes the Broncos “definitely” want Peyton Manning back for the 2015 season and says that you can “take that to the bank.”


Free agent CB Antonio Cromartie once again reiterated that he could see himself returning to the Jets next season.

However, Cromartie did say that having an opportunity to win a Super Bowl is something he’s also looking for.

I know their coaching staff, I know everybody, my house is there, so would it be easy? Yeah, it would be an easy choice, if the opportunity presented itself,” Cromartie told the New York Post. “But at the same time, I got to look forward to trying to win a Super Bowl, also.


  • Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon‘s lower back injury wound up requiring surgery, but he’ll be ready in time for the team’s offseason program. (Matt Vensel)

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