NFL Notes: Eagles, Lions, Adrian Peterson & Vikings


Eagles DT Fletcher Cox says everyone is excited to work with new DC Jim Schwartz.

My role is to get to the quarterback, really,” Cox told Sirius XM NFL Radio. “Play the run on the way to the quarterback. From the way that [coaches] are explaining it, go get the quarterback, create havoc. Negative plays is the biggest thing, and I don’t think we had had enough of those last year. I really think that’s going to change. 

“And as far as Jim, with the new defense, I think is going to do a really, really good job this year with everybody. He’s got a name for himself with the 4-3 defense, getting after the quarterback and that’s what everybody’s excited to do, especially guys on the D-line.


  • Former Lions OT Dominick Jackson officially cleared waivers on Wednesday and is now a free agent.


Vikings RB Adrian Peterson admitted that going through training camp in the coming years could be a determining factor in how long he plays.

“That’s it,” Peterson told “Training camp, going through the grind, OTAs and all that — that will definitely be the deciding factor. Physically, body-wise, I’ll be good. It’s just mentally — like with OTAs, I’m out there practicing, I’m going, I’m putting in work. But it’s so repetitive that it’s more suited toward the young guys and getting them into the system. It gets kind of boring.

Peterson points out that his best NFL season actually came the year after he suffered a torn ACL. During the 2012 offseason, Peterson didn’t go through all of the offseason workouts because he was rehabbing his surgically repaired knee.

Think about this: The 2012 season [after recovering from ACL surgery], I didn’t do any training camp,” Peterson explained. “But I was over there on the side, working out. You get that extra month of working out? Come on, man. I would much rather not participate in training camp and work out, just to have more of an edge. Training camp, you’re going out there, you’re playing football, you’re going to lift, and after that, you don’t want to do anything. You’re tired, from meetings and all that.”

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