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NFL Notes: Ryan Mallett, Injury Protocol, Jets, & Rams

Ryan Mallett

Former Texans QB Ryan Mallett admitted that he acted “immaturely” during his time in Houston.

“I acted immaturely at some games in Houston,” Mallett said, via the Houston Chronicle. “There were reasons for it, but that’s not going to be discussed right now. The best thing probably was for me to be cut.

Mallett added that his release from the Texans was a serving of “humble pie.

It was a piece of humble pie, but it digested real quickly,” Mallett said. “I’m just here to try to be a good teammate and contribute any way I can for the Ravens.”

Injury Protocol

  • Ian Rapoport reports the NFL will impose discipline for future violations of medical protocol, such as fines or suspensions, on the heels of Rams QB Case Keenum incident.
  • Rapoport laid out the goal of discipline for violations: “Making sure a player is removed properly, which could be by anyone from players and coaches to the ATC spotter.



Jason Cole of B/R reports that the Los Angeles committee appears to be “devoted” towards keeping the Rams in St. Louis any way they possibly can.

The NFL gave the city of St. Louis $100 million for the development of a new stadium. Beyond that, the city also contributed another $100 million in taxes to go to the Rams if they’re willing to stay.

With this in mind, Cole believes team owner Stan Kroenke’s hopes of relocating the franchise to St. Louis could be very difficult. An owner tells Cole that Kroenke is facing an “uphill battle” at this point in time.

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