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NFL Notes: Jamaal Charles, Dolphins, Packers

Jamaal Charles

New Broncos RB Jamaal Charles mentioned during an appearance on the Unmatched Sports with Cal Jones podcast that he would have taken a pay cut to be back with the Chiefs, but he apparently wasn’t offered one.

“I thought maybe they would give me a grace period,” Charles said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post. “But I haven’t performed the last two years. At the same time, I know it was about business. I think it would have been cool if they came and told me about a pay cut because I think I would’ve taken that pay cut, because I think I owed it to them for allowing me to be on the team. But I felt like when I got that call, it was just like, man, it was just OK, man. If it can happen to Peyton Manning it can happen to anybody.”

Even though the Chiefs moved on from him, Charles spoke highly of his time in Kansas City.

“I felt like it was more personal to the Chiefs than it was to me,” Charles said. “Them letting me go, I love this community. I did a lot. I sweat, bleed, two ACLs, meniscus, I left that all out here in Kansas City. My heart will always be in Kansas City. It’s nothing personal.”


Dolphins OC Clyde Christensen told reporters on Saturday that they’re expecting former first-round WR DeVante Parker to be a “big play, No. 1 receiver” for them in 2017.

We need him to be a big play, No. 1 receiver,” Christensen said, via Pro Football Talk. “That’s what he has the potential to be. That’s what he has to be, and to play at a high level week after week after week after week in a consistent manner.”

Christensen admitted that it won’t be easy for Parker to live up these expectations, but he still believes he’ll have a “gigantic” year for the Dolphins.

“I really think he’ll have a great, big year — a gigantic year for us,” Christensen said. “That would be huge. That takes a ton of pressure. . . . It helps with everything. It helps with the quarterback position. It helps with your running game. It helps everything. If you can get some chunks of yardage and you get a big-play guy who can jump over, it helps with some jumps balls, 50-50 balls and all of a sudden you come down with a few of those. Those are important chunks. It’s hard to go four yards and a cloud of dust.


The Packers have 24 players participating in their minicamp on a tryout basis, according to Rob Demovsky, including:

  1. Deon-Tay McManus, WR, Marshall
  2. Drew Bauer, QB, Minnesota-Duluth
  3. William Stanback, RB, Virginia Union
  4. Sean Price, TE, South Florida
  5. Austin Schmidt, T, Illinois
  6. Riley Shantz, Missouri State
  7. Speedy Noil, WR, Texas A&M
  8. Brandon Clements, CB, Navy
  9. Raysean Pringle, CB, Southern Utah
  10. Cameron Brown, S, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  11. Daquan Holmes, CB, American International
  12. Aaron Taylor, S, Ball State
  13. Jacob Onyechi, S, Air Force
  14. Marquiz Edget, LB, Missouri Southern
  15. Willie Mays, LB, Tiffin
  16. Josh Letuligasenoa, LB, Cal Poly
  17. David Talley, LB, Grand Valley State
  18. Chris Hale, LB, Middle Tennessee
  19. Ruben Demosthene, LB, Southern Nazarene
  20. Imarjaye Albury, DT, Florida International
  21. Aiulua Fanene, DT, Arizona
  22. Michael Wyche, DT, Miami
  23. Marquis Smith, LB, Savannah State
  24. Matt Davis, K, North Carolina-Pembroke

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