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NFL Notes: Jason Pierre-Paul, International Games, & Rule Change

Jason Pierre-Paul

Former Jaguars Head Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan explained how Jason Pierre-Paul‘s hand injuries will likely impact his rehab.

“The thumb injury for JPP is concerning for two reasons,” Ryan said, via Pro Football Talk.  “First of all, having what’s been reported as multiple fractures probably involves the joints of the thumb and not just bone fractures.  Joint fractures would significantly alter his rehab plan.

“Secondly, the fact that these fractures occurred from what the military refers to as a ‘blast injury,’ compared to a blunt trauma injury typically associated with football, the skin and soft-tissue damage from the high temperatures from the explosive device tend to be extensive.”

However, Ryan expects JPP to return to form in time.

The combination of a lost index finger and a painful thumb will negatively impact his initial function on the field with his right hand,” Ryan said.  “His wide grip strength will suffer because of that amputation.  With creative thumb splinting and additional healing time, I would expect him to resume his high level of play when his thumb pain resolves.”

International Games

  • Peter King of MMQB.com mentions that the NFL could look for a second stadium to play games at, despite the recent agreement with  to play at least two games per year beginning in 2018 in the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium.
  • For now, the NFL will play games Wembley Stadium and could do so further down the line.
  • However, King doesn’t rule out the possibility of them looking at alternative options.
  • According to King, the NFL would consider playing a game or two in Germany, but only if the local TV response is good.
  • One other country that could be in the mix to host games is Brazil, which King believes has a good chance of hosting a future Pro Bowl.

Rule Change

According to Peter King, it would not be surprising to see the NFL announce  a new policy on measuring the pressure in footballs before, during and after games.

King’s best guess is that officials will chart the weights of all footballs before the game, then spot-check some at halftime and after the game.

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