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NFL Notes: Joey Bosa, Tony Romo, Fines & Jets

Joey Bosa

Former Chargers OLB Dwight Freeney believes the team should cave in on their stance to include offset language and defer signings bonus payments in Joey Bosa’s contract and get an agreement in place.

Guys, if you sign a player he should get his bonus, get his money, and let’s go play,” Freeney told XTRA 1360 AM. “But if you’re trying to defer the signing bonus to 2017 so the kid doesn’t have the money so the team holds onto the money just so they can get more interest on it, or whatever…guys, you’re a two billion dollar franchise, okay, give him his money and let’s just go.”

Tony Romo

Cowboys QB Tony Romo said his surgically repaired back feels strong than ever, despite a scare Thursday night.

“I feel good about the fact that was as tough a hit I’ve taken in the last five years,” Romo said, via ESPN NFL. “From that regard, I feel lucky I can hold up and keep going.


  • Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin and Rams S LaMarcus Joyner were each fined $9,115 for striking an opponent during a preseason game last week. (Tom Pelissero)
  • Seahawks rookie DT Jarran Reed was fined $18,231 for roughing Vikings QB Shaun Hill. (Tom Pelissero)


  • Jason La Canfora expects the Jets to essentially red-shirt second-round QB Christian Hackenberg this year.
  • According to La Canfora, it’s possible Geno Smith could end up being trade bait in the coming weeks, considering it would be tough for the Jets to keep four quarterbacks.
  • As for Ryan Fitzpatrick, La Canfora mentions that he’s “very likely in his final year” with the Jets.

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