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NFL Notes: Johnny Manziel, Cowboys, Seahawks

Johnny Manziel

According to Joe Pagonakis of Newnet5 Cleveland, QB Johnny Manziel was pulled over by police officers on Monday for a domestic argument between him and his girlfriend.

The officer determined that neither of the two were intoxicated enough to where they could be charged, but alcohol was involved in the incident.

Manziel’s girlfriend said he pushed her head into a window. According to the report, she was concerned about her safety and wanted to use her cellphone.

Police did notice an abrasion on Crowley’s arm, but it was determined that the abrasion was from Manziel’s attempting to keep her from getting out of the vehicle while it was on the road.

Manziel said via his Twitter account that once police realized that he was sober and that everything “was alright“, they allowed the couple to leave the scene and return home.

Manziel reportedly told the officer that he had two alcoholic drinks several hours before being pulled over.

Browns GM Ray Farmer said in a statement that the team is “aware of the situation” and has “expressed” their concerns to him directly.

Manziel will not face any domestic charges or penalties for driving under the influence, and will be active for Week 6.


  • Cowboys executive Stephen Jones said “it is a possibility” for WR Dez Bryant to return from his foot injury in time for their Week 7 match up against the Giants. (Mark Lane)
  • Jones added that this has been their goal since Bryant broke a bone in his foot. (Mark Lane)
  • Regardless, Jones also said the team will not do something that’s “not smart” such as rush Bryant back into the starting lineup before he is ready. (Mark Lane)


  • Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman was released from King County jail Friday after following his recent arrest. (Gregg Bell)
  • Coleman remains suspended indefinitely by the Seahawks, as they’ve yet to speak to him regarding the incident.

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