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NFL Notes: Johnny Manziel, Justin Blackmon, Bills & Colts

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel‘s attorney, Jim Darnell, says that the former Browns quarterback’s plans are for him to begin getting to return football.

“His immediate plans are to start getting ready for football,” said Darnell, via ESPN.com. “We’re working on it.”

However, a family friend said that Manziel’s parents are “just sick” over their son’s struggles.

This is a crisis,” the friend said. “I hope someone kicks the s— out of the kid and forces him to get right.

Justin Blackmon

  • Suspended Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon‘s DUI sentencing in Carter County has been continued to Aug. 24, pending completion of court ordered alcohol abuse classes. (Kyle Fredrickson)
  • Blackmon told the court Wedneday that he is currently living in Dallas and travels to Oklahoma twice a week for alcohol abuse classes. (Kyle Fredrickson)


Rex Ryan extended LeBron James an invite to join the Bills if he’s looking for a career change.

That big ‘ole rascal can play tight end for us if he wants to,” Ryan said, via NFL.com. “I think it would work out well.

“I mean you look at him, he is physical … look at the range,” Ryan added. “No way you can cover him. There is no way you could cover him.”


  • Colts owner Jim Irsay said that he would be “surprised” if they don’t sign QB Andrew Luck to an extension by the start of training camp. (Zak Keefer)
  • Irsay added that contract talks with Luck are “progressing” and the hope is that a deal can be in place by July 4. (Zak Keefer)
  • According to Irsay, there’s no guarantee that DE Henry Anderson will be back in time for the season opener, which means he could be a candidate to end up on the PUP list. (Zak Keefer)

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