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NFL Notes: Jonas Gray, Cowboys, Falcons, Seahawks, & Texans

Jonas Gray

  • Ben Volin reports that former Patriots RB Jonas Gray has interest from “several” now that he’s cleared waivers.
  • Volin adds that Gray is currently weighing his option, but he believes there’s definitely a spot for him on an NFL roster.



  • Vic Carucci reports that the Falcons have signed QB Matt Simms to their practice squad.
  • Simms reportedly had interest from multiple teams including the Texans.


Seahawks running backs Sherman Smith recently explained some of their frustration with RB Christine Michael that may have led to them trading him to the Cowboys for a conditional late-round pick.

“It’s frustrating because he’s such a good player,” Smith explained, via Danny Kelly. “He has such talent. We want ihm to ‘get it.’ He’re’s what it takes for you to play in this league. You should say to yourself: “I’m a second-round draft pick, I haven’t played in two years, what do I need to do?” So we tell him, you need to become more consistent. I told him, talent-wise, your talent scale is higher than Turbo’s. But, dependability-wise, professional-wise, you need to learn something from him. So the frustrating part is not seeing him be what he can he as a player. So, I just want to see that happen for him. We try to coach him the right way. Be positive with him. We tell him, “It’s not about you proving us wrong, prove us right. You were a second-round draft pick. Prove us right, why we drafted you. So that’s why we keep encouraging him.


  • Aaron Wilson reports that the Texans have explored adding depth to their defensive line. However, nothing has developed up to this point.

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