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NFL Notes: Kirk Cousins, Chargers, Colts, Eagles

Kirk Cousins

Redskins free agent QB Kirk Cousins mentioned that he has no problems playing out another season under the franchise tag.

“We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but I would probably do what I did last year,” Cousins said, via ESPN.com. “I will sign it and play with it. I’m not afraid.”


  • On Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned during an interview that the league “did some unprecedented things to try to keep the Charger in San Diego.
  • A league source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that one of the options for keeping the Chargers in San Diego “definitely” included the possibility of Rams owner Stan Kroenke writing them a large check to help them build a stadium in their current market as opposed to Bolts joining them in Los Angeles.
  • However, Jason Cole reports that Kroenke never made them an offer and it would be cheaper economically speaking for him to build an L.A. stadium for two teams. Cole adds that helping the Chargers would have opened the door for the Raiders to move to L.A., which he didn’t want.


One of the six GM candidates for the Colts’ position tells Stephen Holder that the position is very appealing but the defense clearly needs to be fixed.

“What a great situation,” said the candidate. “But you’ve got to fix that defense. It’s old.”

  • According to Holder, the “prevailing opinion is the Colts are an imperfect team, but one with great upside.”
  • In regards to HC Chuck Pagano, Holder mentions that it’s not an ideal situation, but still isn’t a deterrent for candidates either.


Eagles executive Howie Roseman explained that historically speaking it’s been really hard to find receivers who are capable of having an immediate impact in the NFL.

I think if you take out the 2014 wide receiver class, and you look at this, it’s really been historically a tough position to acclimate in the National Football League,” said Roseman, via PhillyVoice.com. “It hasn’t been a plug-and-play position. I think that class changed everyone’s thoughts a little bit, but the reality is we have years of data that say that it’s a hard position to come into the National Football League and contribute at, that it’s a developmental position and you have to look at it when you’re drafting guys in that perspective.

With this in mind, Jimmy Kempski writes that it’s “absolutely imperative” the Eagles find one or possibly two receivers that can help QB Carson Wentz immediately in free agency.

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