NFL Notes: Kirk Cousins, Redskins, Vikings


Kirk Cousins

New Vikings QB Kirk Cousins explained in an interview with Dan Pompei of B/R that his record three-year, $84 million contract that’s fully guaranteed allows him to no longer think about money and instead put his entire focus on playing football.

“The contract, as my agent, Mike McCartney, said, allows me to go out to the field every day and never think about money,” Cousins said. “The money is done. I can just go play football, and that’s what I love. The last thing I want to think of is, If I throw for 200 more yards, I can get a million-dollar bonus. I didn’t want to do that. I can just think about how I can help this team win.”


While things obviously didn’t work out between Cousins and the Redskins, he still has “a lot of gratitude” for the team the support he received during his time in Washington.

A narrative developed that maybe the Redskins didn’t support me as much as they could have, but I think I’m here because I was given an opportunity with the Redskins and I was well-supported,” Cousins said. “They compensated me more than I ever thought I would be compensated. I owe a great deal to them. I look back on those six years with a lot of joy, a lot of gratitude and think that we’ll always view our time with the Redskins as very positive, especially when we think about where it led us in life, to a place that even on my best days I never thought was really possible.


As for his new team, Cousins explained that he’s viewed as the clear starting quarterback for the Vikings, as opposed to a fourth-round pick.

“Here, I’m known as the starting quarterback and a seven-year veteran,” Cousins said. “So I’m instantly given a platform and place to lead from. In Washington, I was a fourth-round pick. I was a guy who had been benched. I was a guy who was figuring it out. I was a guy with the franchise tag. So the perception can be different.

Cousins added that he appreciates the Vikings’ belief in him and for the opportunity to lead the team.

“There is an affirmation there,” Cousins said. “I feel a great sense of gratitude to the Vikings for their belief in me and giving me this opportunity. Now I want to provide a great return on investment.”

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Okay, I will bite. Kirk Cousins is an absolute fraud. He was never going to sign long term with the Redskins. I guess you cannot see the conflict in what he said. #1 he made about 50 million dollars with the Redskins, but he still was concerned for his future? #2 The Redskins did not support him. He was paid as one of the top QB’s in the league. He double talks to the press, with double meaning phrases. He was not a great teammate, and don’t be fooled by his clean cut look, Kirk is for Kirk, proven by… Read more »