NFL Notes: Lions, Ravens, Redskins, Saints




According to Redskins HC Jay Gruden, franchise QB Kirk Cousins is “getting better, more comfortable” in his third year as the team’s starting quarterback.

“He’s just getting better, more comfortable,” Gruden said, via John Keim of ESPN. “Obviously we see how accurate he is with the football. He can throw any type of ball you want — a deep ball, a crossing pass, a short pass, he’s got great accuracy.”

“Now that he understands the protections, he feels more comfortable in the pocket, the scheme, what plays we like versus what coverage, what audibles we want to get to versus certain blitzes and looks,” Gruden said. “He’s just going to continue to get better and better. We just have to provide him with more information and find out what he can do and what he can’t do and just go from there. Not a lot he can’t do, really. He’s a fun guy to coach and a fun guy to see how much he’s grown from year in to year out. From his first year when I had him to now, it’s amazing how much better he is.


Newly signed G Orlando Franklin mentioned that he’s happy to be with the Saints after “a tough two years for me” with the Chargers.

“I actually asked to get out of there, to be honest with you,” said Franklin, via “I asked them to trade me in March, and we weren’t able to get a trade. And they were able to release me after the draft, when they got guys they felt were the future.

“So I’m just happy to be here, happy for this opportunity. … I’m happy to be with a new team and new surroundings.

Franklin explained that injuries and conditioning were issues for him during his time with the Chargers.

“I got hurt right away, and I’ve been trying to battle through injuries, and just never really going into games 100 percent, never really going into a season 100 percent,” Franklin said.

Franklin added that he wanted to wait until closer to training camp to sign with a new team.

“But after that I realized my knee wasn’t ready, and after talking with my agent, we decided to wait until around the time training camp started,” said Franklin.

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