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NFL Notes: London, Revenue, Cardinals, & Packers


There had been talk that the Packers could play a game in London during the 2016 season against the Jaguars. However, Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy indicated that this may not be as strong of a possibility as it seemed.

“I talked to Shad, and he expressed to me that he would be very reluctant to move a Packers game away from Jacksonville,” Murphy said Monday, via ESPN Wisconsin.

“We would love to play an away game [in London]. We’ve made the league aware of that,” Murphy said. “The challenge is that our fans travel so well to away games in the United States that teams are very reluctant to give up home games against the Packers.”


  • Last year, the NFL split $7.24 billion as part of their revenue sharing with the 32 teams, according to Darren Rovell. This amounts to each team receiving $226.4 million.


Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu discussed his turnaround since he entered the NFL back in 2012 and what’s changed in terms of his mentality with Pro Football Talk on Monday.

“I don’t think I’m just doing this for me,” Mathieu said. “I think I’m doing this for a lot of people. My fans, my family, my children, everybody that I inspire. So this is much bigger than me, and I think that’s my mindset now. I don’t think I had the same mindset back in college. I think it was all about me, and so right now I’m just really living off of everybody else’s positive feedback and their positive encouragement and all those people who really care about me and love me, I’m really doing this for them.”


The Green Bay Packers released their financial information on Monday for the 2014 season.

  • In 2014, the Packers saw their revenue increase by over $50 million, which is largely due to the new TV contracts.
  • National TV revenue was up 20.6 percent or $38.7 million last year while local revenue increased by 9.4 percent ($12.9 million).
  • Green Bay’s net income was up 15.3 percent or $3.9 million, which brings the total for 2015 to 29.2 million.
  • The Packers are No. 9 in league revenue, despite being the smallest city.
  • Green Bay is up 360,760 shareholders and have a waiting list of 115,000 people.
  • In regards to some investments made by the team, the Packers have purchased 65 acres of land around Lambeau Field for a development that they now call “Titletown.”
  • Interestingly enough, the Packers entered into a licensing agreement with former QB Brett Favre in order to sell merchandise in their Lambeau Field store, via

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