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NFL Notes: NFC East, Browns, Cowboys, Steelers, & Texans

NFC East

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti told The Oregonian on Monday that he has spoken to every NFC East about a potential position in an attempt to gain an edge on Eagles HC Chip Kelly.

I have been asked by everybody in the NFC East ...” Aliotti, who is now retired. “The Giants asked me to come back when Chip got the first job. I didn’t feel right doing that. Some teams have called when they’re getting ready to play the Eagles and they call and have certain questions on the thing. Unless I know the guy and he’s a good friend, I don’t get involved with that.



  • WR Terrance Williams broke the tip of his index finger during Sunday’s win over the Giants, but he will not need surgery. (Drew Davison)



  • John McClain writes that rookie QB Tom Savage is unlikely to see any game action unless the Texans are out of the playoff picture towards the end of the season.