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NFL Notes: Nick Saban, Browns & Texans

Nick Saban

Nick Saban explained in an interview with Emily Kaplan of that the college game really suits him best, despite the fact he previously viewed being a head coach in the NFL as the “No. 1 thing.”

“I guess there was a time when I said, ‘O.K. if you win a national championship in college, because I was a pro coach for however many years I was, it’s time to go win the Super Bowl. That would make my career complete,” Saban said. “But when I did that, I found out that I missed some of these things about college that were really important to me. So you learn about yourself. I just decided when I came back here, I wasn’t going to think about that any more. . . . I used to think at the end of the day, being a head coach in the NFL was the No. 1 thing. But when I got to that, it was like, ‘Well maybe you already had the No. 1 thing for you and what you like.‘”

Saban also confirmed that there have been NFL opportunities available to him in recent years.

“I’ve had other opportunities to go to the NFL, and I’ve just chosen not to do it,” Saban said.


Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that CB K’Waun Williams is asking the Browns to pay for ankle surgery after he failed a physical for the Bears.

The Bears claimed Williams, but the failed physical will lead to him becoming a free agent and would result in no money from the Browns to pay for his ankle surgery.

“We’re requesting they pay for his medical treatment and hopefully they’ll respond appropriately,’‘ said Williams’ agent, Evan Krakower.


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