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NFL Notes: PED Investigation, Arian Foster, & Wes Welker

PED Investigation

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart told Christine Brennan of USA Today on Wednesday that they expect to meet with the four active players who were named in Al Jazeera America report for potential PED use.

“It’s our expectation that we will interview the players involved over the next month or so,” Lockhart said. “…We are absolutely taking this seriously and looking at it over a matter of months.”

Peyton Manning was the most notable player, but others such as Clay Matthews, James Harrison, Julius Peppers and Mike Neal also came up in the report.

Arian Foster

Free agent RB Arian Foster (Achilles) told ABC13.com that he’ll probably require another month to get back to his prior form.

“I probably need another month to get where I am, the person everyone is use to seeing,” Foster said. “I can definitely play, but I need another month to be where I want to be and be at that Pro Bowl level I can be at.”

Wes Welker

Veteran WR Wes Welker was asked whether he’ll play another down in the NFL or call it a career.

“That’s kind of the million dollar question right now in trying to figuring that out,” Welker said Wednesday, via NFL.com. “I think I’m weighing my options and really trying to figure out where to go with life next. But there are some days I wake up and I’m like ‘OK, I’m done.’ And other days I wake up and I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe one more year.’ But I’m trying not to rush into any decision but at the same time, prepare myself for not playing.”

Welker did, however, say that his concussion history has factored into his thinking about continuing his career.

“They definitely factor in,” Welker said. “Especially when you start having kids and having your family and everything. A lot of those things come into play and you start thinking about future down the road.

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