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NFL Notes: Peyton Manning, 49ers, Broncos, & Vikings

Peyton Manning

New HC Gary Kubiak said that he’s meshing his offense two suit Peyton Manning‘s strengths.

“Can he roll out? I think he can do anything he wants to do,” Kubiak said. “You do what your players do best. I’ve been asked over the course of the last month, since I’ve been in Denver, about the bootleg. I had Joe [Flacco] in Baltimore last year and I think we booted maybe 25 times in the season. You do what your players do best. We’re going to run the Denver Broncos Offense, and that’s a big challenge to me right now, meshing things together and getting ready to go do the things that Peyton does so well and has for many, many years.

  • Kubiak did say that they need to improve their offensive line this offseason. (Colleen Wolfe)


  • 49ers GM Trent Baalke said of WR prospects: “It’s no mystery, we’re looking for guys who can run.
  • According to Baalke, 49ers job was offered to one person and one person only: Jim Tomsula. (Marc Sessler)
  • Baalke mentioned that “it’s always a priority to take care of our own first” in regards to their free agents. However, he added that it’s hard to keep everyone. (Marc Sessler)


  • Broncos HC Gary Kubiak said that WR Wes Welker wants to play in 2015, and “we’d love to have him back.” (Ben Volin)


Veteran LB Chad Greenway said that his talking with the Vikings front office and coaching staff have all been positive and he’s optimistic he’ll be back next year.

“All positive, you know, all obviously, we both want to find a way to make it work,” Greenway said, via Vikings.com. “I’m the athlete, or I’m of the athlete’s side that says, ‘I get where I’m at in my career. I’m not too stubborn to say I need this.’ I get it, but also to sit and look at my position, I want to do it for one more year. I’ve been here for nine. I might as well finish here as a Viking.

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