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NFL Notes: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, & Saints

Peyton Manning

Woody Paige, Les Shapiro and John McClain all threw cold water on the reports that the Broncos and Texans discussed a potential trade involving QB Peyton Manning earlier in the offseason.

“I have two sources that are very, very close to the situation,” Woody Paige said, via the Denver Post. “As close as you can get to this situation. That conversation never happened.”

“I had two sources I talked to last night,” Shapiro said. “Both with the Broncos and I also know from a very highly placed source that when John Elway heard this story he laughed.”

Tom Brady

According to Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report, Tom Brady‘s appeal of his four-game suspension is likely to stay unless the Patriots quarterback and his representatives are willing to settle the matter.

Cole reports that the NFL has their doubts about the science used in the Ted Wells report.

However, the league believes that the text messages sent between the two locker room attendants still shows that Brady had some involvement with the footballs being deflated.

The NFL is still looking for Brady to receive some sort of suspension, but are willing to move on the issue if Brady won’t pursue a court case.


Saints QB Drew Brees said that the team’s decision to trade TE Jimmy Graham during the offseason left him “heartbroken.”

“I was heartbroken,” Brees said of the trade, per Ed Werder. “The unexpectedness of it, we had big plans for the next few years.

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