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NFL Notes: Philip Rivers, Mike Tomlin, Michael Vick, & Panthers

Philip Rivers

Field Yates of ESPN mentioned that he doesn’t think it would be a wise move for the Chargers to allow QB Philip Rivers to test the open market next year when they have the franchise tag available.

“I just don’t think you let a quarterback — even one in his mid-30s — depart in free agency,” Yates said. “Obviously, the team has control effectively for two years because of the franchise tag. Philip’s sort of the iron man among quarterbacks in the NFL — going back to playing with an ACL tear during the playoffs in January of 2008 — and he just doesn’t miss starts.

“I understand that one of the key things people forget about free agency or contract extensions is that teams use past performance as a baseline on how to assess a player, but you’re paying for future projected performance. So I understand that you wouldn’t be getting Philip Rivers at — let’s just say five years, $100 million — in terms of an extension because he’s been excellent for the past 10-plus seasons. It would be because you think he can remain excellent for the next five seasons.

Mike Tomlin

  • Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that Mike Tomlin’s new extension with the Steelers is worth at least $7 million per season, which will pay him as a top 5 coach.

Michael Vick


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