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NFL Notes: Quarterbacks, Jets & Patriots


  • Albert Breer of TheMMQB.com mentions that while it might sound crazy for Redskins QB Kirk Cousins to target close to the kind of money Andrew Luck is making in his new record-setting contract, it’s possible that young quarterbacks like Blake Bortles and Derek Carr could push quarterback compensation up to $22-$23 million once they sign extensions at some point in the coming years.
  • Cousins is reportedly seeking $24 million per year in a new deal, so assuming Breer’s projected figures are accurate, that wouldn’t be far off of what the going rate could be.


  • Albert Breer mentions that Muhammad Wilkerson‘s new contract with the Jets essentially boils down to a two-year deal with an option set for March of 2018.
  • Wilkerson will get $37 million over this period, which is more than being franchised this year and next.
  • However, the Jets could still still look to re-sign Sheldon Richardson to a long-term term in the coming years and possibly move on from Wilkerson at that point in time.


According to Albert Breer, there’s a decent amount of optimism from rival executives regarding the kind of player Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo can be in the NFL.

He’s looked sharp when he’s had the opportunity,” an NFC personnel exec told Breer. “I also really liked him during the draft, so some of that was ‘leftover’ evaluation. … Strong arm, quick arm, accurate, can move in the pocket, mobile, all the things you like to see in a young developmental QB.”

Meanwhile, an AFC exec had some similar things to say about Garoppolo: “He progressed every week. He gets it out quickly when he sees it, has upside, and they will tailor things for him. The question for him is the same for every unproven quarterback, and especially spread guys, and that is how they’ll stand in versus the rush on Sundays.

Breer adds that if the Garoppolo can perform at a high level in relief of Tom Brady, it’s possible he could end up being a trade chip for the Patriots in 2017, as they have third-round pick Jacoby Brissett as a potential replacement for Garoppolo.

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