NFL Notes: Tim Tebow, Josh Gordon & Lions

Tim Tebow

Former Broncos QB Tim  Tebow mentioned during an interview with CBS Sports Radio that he’s “in the best shape I’ve ever been in” and feels like he can still be an effective quarterback in the NFL.

I mean, for me, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” Tebow said. “I’m still young, I still feel really good. So is that something that I feel like I can be an effective quarterback in the NFL? Yeah, I really do feel like I could be. But I think at the same time, there are a lot of other things that I’m doing that I love and that I’m blessed to do.”

However, Tebow stressed the importance of having more to your life than just being a football player.

“Football is just one thing that I love to do,” Tebow said. “But it can’t become your everything because eventually you’re not going to be able to play, whether that’s today or five years from now. And if it’s your everything, when you’re done what do you do?

Josh Gordon

Reinstated Browns WR Josh Gordon said he believes he’s now a different person after all he’s been through in the past few years.

“I definitely think I’m a different person. If you haven’t changed over a period of time than it’s definitely a bad thing. I think me standing here is a testament to that,” Gordon said,  via “Most people might not see it that way. That just comes with the territory with me being who I am, considering my past. But I’m only looking towards the future. And hopefully people can see that.”

Gordon admitted that he’s been a selfish player in the past.

“In the past I’ve been a selfish player. I’ll definitely admit that. I wanted to do things my way,” Gordon said. “But things turn around. People change. It’s possible to change. It takes some learning, but you eventually get to that point and I think I have.”


Lions QB Matthew Stafford said he doesn’t feel any additional pressure this year, despite being two years away from becoming a free agent.

No,” Stafford said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Every year is a big year if you’re a quarterback in the NFL. You’re under the spotlight more than any other position, and right or wrong that’s just the way it is. Contract stuff that doesn’t weight into my preparation, my decisions, nothing. I just go out there and play. My job is to help this team win and that’s really all I focus on. The rest of that stuff takes care of itself.”

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