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NFL Notes: Tom Brady, Los Angeles, & Lions

Tom Brady

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that it’s possible the NFL and Tom Brady could work out an agreement on a reduced settlement at some point in the near future.

Florio proposes the league eliminating Brady’s four-game suspension and replacing his discipline with a four-game fine that would cost the Patriots quarterback $1.88 million for the 2015 season.

This would allow the NFL to say that they still handed down a severe punishment while Brady could maintain his innocence and say that he only agreed to the deal to play in Week 1’s game.

In the end, it’s still hard to say whether this is a plausible outcome.

Los Angeles

  • According to the Editorial board of U-T San Diego, “There is speculation that the owners at the August meeting [to discuss Los Angeles] may delay the entire process for a year to let everything percolate in [Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis] to see what develops.”


Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press writes that the Lions’ contract negotiations with OLB DeAndre Levy are likely to be impacted by what happens between the Buccaneers and OLB Lavonte David in the coming months.

Former NFL agent Joel Corry thinks Detroit would be wise to address Levy’s contract before the season has concluded.

“I’d try to get that thing done before David’s deal hits the market,” said Corry. “Once you got David in the marketplace — and I’m assuming that’s going to be a strong deal — that will be a focal point of discussions, or that’s going to be an important data point, at least from the agent’s mind and the player’s mind.

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