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NFL Notes: Tom Brady, Redskins, & Titans

Tom Brady

  • Regarding Tom Brady‘s appeal of his four-game suspension, Albert Breer has been told that the league could use a similar timeline to make a decision as they did with Ray Rice last year.
  • Breer mentions that Rice’s initial hearing was on June 16, and his two-game suspension came on July 24, which is 38 days. As of now, Brady’s appeal has gone on for 29 days.


Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe mentioned during an interview with WRVA that although he would like to bring the Redskins to his state, he wouldn’t necessarily be willing to build an NFL stadium.

“There’s no deal that’s a marquee trophy deal,” McAuliffe said, via “There’s no deal you have to have. Now we chase every deal very aggressively, but then we get down to the numbers and we may have to walk away.

“Would I love the Redskins to move to Virginia? Sure I would,” he said. “Does it make economic sense for us? I can’t answer that question sitting on the radio today. We’re not at that stage.”

However, McAuliffe didn’t rule out the possibility of the team playing in Washington D.C.

“I would just say this: I would not take D.C. off the table. Let me leave it at that,” Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe


  • ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that the Titans are expected to prepare first-round QB Marcus Mariota to be their starting quarterback in training camp.

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