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NFL Paid Commissioner Roger Goodell $32M In 2015

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal, the NFL paid commissioner Roger Goodell $32 million in 2015.

This is based on recent tax filings for the league. Kaplan mentions that Goodell’s salary has actually decreased seven percent from the prior year.

However, even with the mishandling of a number of player misconduct cases, NFL owners apparently didn’t feel as though he was enough to warrant a serious reduction in compensation for Goodell.

It’s worth mentioning that the NFL will no longer be required to disclose Goodell’s pay now that they’ve changed their tax status.

In 2014, Goodell was paid $34.1 million, which broke down to a $3.5 million base salary and a bonus of $26.5 million that determined in 2013. In total, Goodell has earned around $212 million during his 10 years as NFL commissioner.

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