NFL Playoff Expansion “Under Serious Consideration”


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took part in a public interview Tuesday night in New York and discussed some topics regarding the league including a possible playoff expansion.

According to Goodell, the idea of expanding the number of playoffs teams is “under serious consideration.

It’s something that the competition committee looked at last year and thinks there are some real benefits from a competitive standpoint,” Goodell said, via “They’re going to study some aspects of that. Because when would those games occur? And one team would get a bye in each conference and you’d have six games on the weekend. So would you have three on Saturday, and three on Sunday? Or do you get one on Friday and two on Saturday and two on Sunday and one on Monday? I think those are the kinds of things we want to evaluate.”

If Goodell has been successful at any one thing, it would be growing the pie, so it’s not shocking that he and the rest of the league are strongly considering the inclusion of more teams and expanding coverage to more days like Friday and Monday.

With regards to the expansion itself, the idea is that the NFL would expand the number of teams that qualify for the playoffs from 12 to 14, which means 43 percent of the entire league would be represented in the postseason.

I’m sure that we’ll be hearing much more regarding this topic in the coming months.


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