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NFL Pushes The Trade Deadline Back To After Week 8

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the NFL and the players union have agreed to a few rules changes today.

The first of which is to move the trade deadline back to the weekend following the eighth week of the season. This is obviously great news for NFL fans and us in particular, considering that the deadline has been rather boring in the years past. Now teams can address their needs at the half-way point, which really makes sense when you consider that a number of teams will be dealing with some key injuries by then.

The second rule change will allow a single player come off of the IR list at some point during the season. Previously, a player that was placed on IR was done for the season with no exceptions. This will likely have an impact on playoff teams, as a player injured in the early part of the season could now be available for the stretch run. It also gives the team another option in terms of their roster.

Both rule changes make a lot of sense and should help to add interest to the NFL season.

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