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NFL Rejects NFLPA’s Request For Roger Goodell To Recuse Himself In Tom Brady’s Appeal


Now NFL executive Greg Aiello says that there has been no final decision made by commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself in Tom Brady’s appeal, per Mike Garafolo.

Jason La Canfora clarifies that while Goodell did not reject the motion to recuse himself, NFL lawyers have already submitted the paperwork saying that the commissioner will handle the appeal.


The NFL has rejected the NFL Player’s Association’s formal request for commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself from the Patriots QB Tom Brady’s appeal, according to Jason La Canfora.

  • La Canfora mentions that Goodell remaining the appeal officer in this case only increases the likelihood that this will ultimately head to court, unless Brady’s suspension overturned.

Goodell made the decision to appoint himself as the arbitrator in Brady’s appeal hearing shortly after the league handed down punishment for DeflateGate.

Under the CBA, Goodell has the ability to oversee appeals, which has been an issue of contention with the legal in recent years.

At the owner’s meetings this week, Goodell mentioned that he wanted to speak to Brady directly regarding his role in the DeflateGate incident.

The Patriots ultimately elected to accept the league’s punishment that includes a $1 million as well as the loss of future draft picks. Because of this, some speculated that this could be a good sign for the league reducing Brady’s four-game suspension.

However, it’s worth mentioning that others around the league aren’t so certain that this will ultimately have any impact on Brady’s case, and could instead be a sign that his four-game ban is likely to hold up.

We’ll have more regarding Brady’s suspension as the news is available.

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