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NFL Reportedly Feels As Though They “Need” To Uphold Tom Brady’s Suspension

Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report spoke to an NFL source over the weekend who mentioned that they want to have some sort of suspension for Patriots QB Tom Brady.

According to Cole, the league feels as though a suspension is needed in order for it to be taken seriously by other 31 teams and the fans while maintaining the integrity of the game.

However, the NFLPA is reportedly “pushing hard” to pursue a lawsuit for any suspension handed down by the NFL.

Cole mentions that this is likely to come down to what Brady ultimately wants to do and whether he’s okay with this becoming a distraction.

Cole adds that Brady has never entered an NFL season in the final year of his contract because it would have been a distraction, so it’s at least worth wondering if he wants to pursue legal action that could spill over into the season.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, citing a source with knowledge of the situation, reported over the weekend that Brady and his reps expect a decision regarding his suspension appeal to be made this week.

Florio’s source added that they anticipate outcome being a “sham,” with litigation to promptly follow.

Shortly after it was announced that Cowboys DE Greg Hardy had his 10-game suspension reduced to four games by an arbitrator, many assumed that the NFL would have to reduce Brady’s ban to at least two games.

The idea here is that it would be especially hard for the NFL and Goodell to justify a similar suspension for Brady when Hardy’s domestic violence case resulted in a similar number of games missed.

Although, the NFL is likely to invoke the “integrity of the game” as the main reason for upholding any suspension.

We’ll have more regarding Brady and his appeal case as the news is available.


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