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NFL Reportedly In Lockstep With Rams Move To Los Angeles


R.B. Fallstrom of the Associated Press reports that the Rams have notified the city of St. Louis that they intend to move forward with a year-to-year lease.

The Rams were facing a deadline to make a decision regarding this matter, but elected to not wait until Wednesday to inform the city.


Albert Breer of NFL Media reports that Rams owner Stan Kroenke unveiled his plans for an “extravagant” NFL stadium to be built in Inglewood, California to team owners.

According to Breer, Kroenke’s plan “sent shockwaves through NFL circles” and was met with “quiet applause” at the league office.

Breer adds that even though the city of St. Louis and Missouri officials have laid out their own stadium plans, “the momentum here has very clearly shifted west.”

The league has reportedly had major concerns about a single team’s ability to make a successful move to L.A, but Kroenke’s plan includes the largest plot of land for any of the proposed sites, the most desirable location within the region, and private funding.

Breer stresses that this is by no means a done deal, but it’s in the realm of possibility that the Rams could be playing in Los Angeles by the 2018 season.

Kroenke is reportedly “amenable” to the idea of having a second team join the Los Angeles project.

The Raiders and Chargers are the other two teams being mentioned as relocation candidates. Although, neither is in the kind of position Kroenke is to make such a move.

With the NFL seemingly behind Kroenke, the pressure has clearly been amplified on the Chargers and Raiders to figure out their future plans.

St. Louis faces two immediate challenges towards building their proposed stadium. One, they must acquire the land. Two, they have to secure the necessary financing for the project.

Even if they’re able to do this, the league’s interest in the Los Angeles market could still be enough of a lure for the NFL to approve the move out of St. Louis.

We’ll have more regarding the Rams possibly relocating to Los Angeles as the news is available.

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