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NFL Reportedly Still Considering Increasing The Number Of Regular Season Games

Jason Cole of B/R reports that NFL owners spent a decent amount of time during their recent meeting discussing the possibility of reducing the number of preseason games.

According to Cole, the idea of expending the regular season to either 17 or 18 games is still among the topics being discussed by NFL owners. Cole mentions that a key issue from the NFL’s perspective is that they want to maintain 20 games per team in order to sell their packages to television networks.

If the NFL could increase the number of regular season games, Cole adds that it would allow them to play even more games overseas in countries like Germany and the United Kingdom, which is something the league has said they plan to do.

The real takeaway here is that all options will be considered by the league before any changes are made. The expansion of the playoffs has also come up in the past, and appears to have some support from the owners, so that remains something to watch as well.

Of course, the NFL can’t just decide on their own to increase the number of regular season games without approval from the NFL Players Association, who has pointed out that it’s a contradictory move for the league to ask them to play even more games after saying their focused on player’s health.

We’ll have more regarding possible changes to the regular season and/or players as the news is available.

  • Moses Harrison

    Let’s keep it real one of
    the MAIN reasons why The season extended to 16 games starting in the
    1978 season was because number 1 they created a 1977 Deacon Jones rule
    to where a pass rusher cannot rush the passer and slap the quarterback
    in the ear/head and ESPECIALLY the 1978 Mel Blount Rule which was SUPER
    AT A ALL TIME HIGH! The Mel Blount Rule forbid any member of the
    secondary to bump against the receivers pass 5 yards and also the
    illegal use of hands which makes it much easier for the Offense.

    With the helmet to helmet contact enforced and the Tom Brady rule in
    2009 which is predicated upon the Carson Palmer rule in 2006 why not
    extend the league to 18 games, to make the league tougher again and kill
    that nostalgia!

    Think about this what if the New Orleans Saints or the Seahawks can create a dynasty
    between the 2020s and the 2030s by winning 3 or 4 championships in a 18
    game season, it will probably be a greater accomplishment than the 70s
    Steelers, 80s 49ers, 90s Cowboys IN HYPOTHESIS

    and the 2000s New England Patriots because they played either 21 or 22 games to win those rings! A 15-3 Record is a tougher 13-3 record just like the 13-3 record is a tougher 11-3 record prior to the regular season games being extended to 16 games in the 1978 season.

    Imagine the 1984 and the 1985 Bears playing in the 18 game season, as opposed to a 15-1 record they might have had a 17-1 Record and that assist in a interesting conversation. The 1991 Redskins and the 2004 Patriots in a 18 game season would have had a 16-2 record in theory. The 1992 Cowboys and The 2009 Saints would have won a ring with a 15-3 Regular Season record as opposed to a 13-3 record. Not to mention a 2007 Patriot team with a 18-0 record which wouldn’t be far fetched because they went 18-0 before losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl whih untilmately led them to a finish the season with a 18-1 record.

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