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NFL Rumors: 49ers Adding Lombardi & Harbaugh?

Pro Football Talk brings us the latest news surrounding the San Francisco 49ers GM and head coach vacancies. A league source has indicated that he feels as though the 49ers are more likely to pair Mike Lombardi with Jim Harbaugh than adding Trent Baalke as their next GM.

This would be a surprising turn of events since it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before the 49ers made it official that Trent Baalke would become the teams GM.

Lombardi and Harbaugh worked together while in Oakland some years back so there a history between them. It’s been suggested that Harbaugh isn’t keen on the idea of working with Baalke so the fact that he has some amount of¬†comfortability¬†with Lombardi may go along way.

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