NFL Rumors: Bears Keeping Chester Taylor Now?

Adam Caplan of Fox Sports is reporting that contrary to previous reports, the Bears intend on keeping Chester Taylor for the upcoming season.

This idea would makes sense considering that Taylor is due to make $1.25 million in 2011 which is far less than the $7 million he earned this last year.

There is still nothing new to report in regards to a possible extension for Chicago’s No. 1 running back Matt Forte.


The Chicago Bears have been the most talked about team in terms of their personal decisions but one area of concern will be the teams backfield. More specifically, extending Matt Forte‘s contract and whether or not they should keep Chester Taylor after his disappointing season with the team.

John Mullin of CSN Chicago reports that a source close to the team has indicated that the Bears appear to be ready to move on without Chester Taylor as their No. 2 back. Taylor was brought in to be a compliment to Forte after his underwhelming 2009 season but Taylor was very ineffective which caused him to be featured less and less as the season went on.

The problem for the Bears is that they have already committed to paying him $7 million of the $12.5 million deal that he signed last year. Chicago could still take the money that they would be paying to Taylor and use it patch holes on their terrible offensive line while drafting a running back in the later rounds.

pixy NFL Rumors: Bears Keeping Chester Taylor Now?

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