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NFL Rumors: Bears Trading Out Of The First-Round?

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune takes a look at the Chicago Bears options at No. 29 overall and from his estimation, it would make sense for the team to consider trading down rather than using the pick to fill one roster hole.

Pompei points out that there’s a chance that the top-five OT are off of the board once the Bears are on the clock which would make their remaining options seem like a bit of a reach depending on what direction they choose to go.

Trading down would give them multiple selections in the middle rounds which is something that they could use considering the amount of draft picks that they gave up to acquire Jay Cutler from Denver. Another thing to consider is that the Bears in a perfect spot for teams to make a deal with a team that’s looking to back into the first-round to get one of the available quarterbacks before the run on the position begin in the second-round.

All things consider, I would have to agree with Pompei that this would be the Bears best option if they’re unable to get one of the top offensive tackles in the draft.

pixy NFL Rumors: Bears Trading Out Of The First-Round?

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