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NFL Rumors: Cowboys & Rams Swapping Picks?

ESPN’s Todd McShay mentions that he’s heard rumors about a possible trade between the Dallas Cowboys and St Louis Rams which would allow the Rams to move into the No. 9 spot.

It’s been widely speculated that the Rams would love the opportunity to draft Alabama WR Julio Jones in the first-round and barring a surprising pick, trading into the No. 9 spot would almost guarantee them a shot Jones.

Such a move would require the Rams to compensate the Cowboys for the 250 point difference according to the Draft Value Chart. St Louis’s third-round pick is worth 200 points so they may have to throw in their fifth-round pick to get the deal done but it’s worth noting that teams use this chart as a simple guide so the extra 50 points may not be a deal breaker.


pixy NFL Rumors: Cowboys & Rams Swapping Picks?

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