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NFL Rumors: Harbaugh Wants Alex Smith Back?

At the end of the 49ers season it seemed inevitable that Alex Smith would end up leaving San Francisco for another team. Since then the team has brought in Jim Harbaugh to take over as their head coach and from his recent comments, he’s open to bringing Smith back in 2011.

“So excited, yeah, I’m going to say it, I’ve been studying Alex Smith and watching him and I believe that Alex Smith can be a winning quarterback in the National Football League,” Harbaugh said on Sports 1140 AM in Sacramento.  “I’m excited to work with him, get to know him.”

Harbaugh added that Smith is a “very accurate passer. “Very athletic. And a guy that has played and been durable.”

Interestingly enough, 49ers new GM Trent Baalke told Pro Football Talk that the teams future quarterback was someone that’s not currently on their roster.

It would still be surprising to see San Francisco bring Smith back but these comments are first sign that the 49ers would even entertain the idea. The 49ers will likely consider all possible options before they make a decision regarding Alex Smith.

pixy NFL Rumors: Harbaugh Wants Alex Smith Back?

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