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NFL Rumors: Houston Trading Up For Von Miller or Patrick Peterson

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle mentioned that the Houston Texans could possible trade up for one of Von Miller or Patrick Peterson come Thursday during a chat session.

McClain notes that “the Texans could offer their 1, 3, 4, and (Amobi) Okoye” for the No. 2 overall which is held by the Denver Broncos. McClain says that a move for Peterson makes more sense considering what it would take to move up to No. 2.

“If they trade up to get Peterson, they might not have to offer so much if he drops to Arizona at 5 or San Francisco at 7. … They want Miller first, and if they can’t trade up to get him, they’ll try to trade to get Peterson if he falls.”

It worth noting that there’s no guarantee that NFL teams will be able to trade players during draft so the idea of them moving up to No. 2 seems far fetched considering what it would cost them to do so. A decision is expected tomorrow regarding the NFL’s request for a stay so there’s a chance that free agency could begin the same day as the draft.

McClain remained adamant throughout the chat session that Houston will make an effort to move up for one of them so we’ll have to see what they ultimately end up doing.

For what it’s worth, the Texans actually traded up to No. 4 and grabbed Von Miller in our Live Twitter Draft last week.

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