NFL Rumors: Latest On Donovan McNabb


NFL Networks Jason La Canfora reports that Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb insists on being a starter which is something that’s not likely to happen in Washington when you consider that he’s set to make $10 million for the upcoming season.

La Canfora mentions that McNabb would like to have the situation addressed sooner rather than later so that it allows him time to find a new team. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan already mentioned that he believes in releasing players earlier on so that the have a chance to test the market but he appears to be taking his time with McNabb.

Shanahan is most likely holding out so that he can maximize McNabb’s trade value. Once a new CBA is in place, the Redskins can start fielding offers for McNabb and considering the number of teams that are in need of quarterback, someone will give them a decent offer for him.

pixy NFL Rumors: Latest On Donovan McNabb

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McNabb needs a new start. The Washington coach has shown he is not a trustworthy coach. Shanahan has lied at the podium soo much I’m not sure he is even named Mike. People can say what they want about McNabb not winning a Superbowl, but he is a proven winner. Shanahan wanted to blame McNabb for the reason why they failed when he really should have looked at the offensive line, the bad secondary and oh should i mention the bad play calling by his son.

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

I agree with you on Shanahan. So far he’s managed to take a defense that was progressing and show how turn them into the second worst defense in terms of total yards allowed. Seeing how poorly he handled both of the McNabb Hanyesworth situation forces you to question his decision making. It would be hard to imagine that McNabb could be any worse than he was last season. Teams will have to consider bringing him since the veteran quarterback market is pretty thin. Minnesota just makes sense to me. They won’t be Super Bowl contenders but they would be a… Read more »